Whitepaper Example

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Budgeting for AFAs under Complex Matters

A recent ALM sur­vey con­firms LegalEye’s Con­sult­ing prac­tice expe­ri­ence regard­ing the slow adop­tion of AFAs.  We find that there is much more rhetoric about AFAs than action.  The excep­tion is with insur­ance car­ri­ers, who have been at the fore­front of AFA adop­tion for the past few years. Both sides strug­gle with many aspects of man­ag­ing the […]

Allocating the Annual Litigation Budget

An exchange dur­ing Citicorp’s 2011 Q4 Earn­ings Call between Bren­nan Hawken — UBS Invest­ment Bank, Research Divi­sion and Citi­corp CFO  John C. Gerspach went like this:   Bren­nan Hawken:  Just you had said that the $2.5 bil­lion to $3 bil­lion decline that you expect for 2012 does not include unfore­seen episodic issues. But do you bake […]