How can more pre­dictabil­ity help your organization?

Our clients include law firms and cor­po­ra­tions. Our cor­po­rate clients have rev­enues rang­ing from a few hun­dred mil­lion to tens of bil­lions of dol­lars. While they all vary by size and indus­try, each come to us with a com­mon need:  To make their legal spend and the work­flows and risks that drive it more pre­dictable.  Learn more about why clients choose Legal­Eye®. Here are a few exam­ples of how clients have ben­e­fited from our services:

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  • Bench­marked a law depart­ment against its indus­try and deliv­ered struc­tural and staffing rec­om­men­da­tions to sup­port the client’s growth
  • Per­formed a com­pre­hen­sive legal spend analy­sis for a multi-billion dol­lar com­pany pur­suant to rec­om­mend­ing alter­na­tive fee arrange­ments for mat­ter types with cer­tain characteristics
  • Struc­tured out­side coun­sel agree­ments, includ­ing billing guide­lines and cer­tain pric­ing features
  • Led a cross-functional team (legal, logis­tics, account­ing, cus­tomer ser­vice and sales) to ensure com­pli­ance with cus­tomer freight billing terms and real­ize addi­tional billing opportunities
  • Iden­ti­fied, ana­lyzed and clas­si­fied cus­tomer accounts in client’s U.S. Sales Cus­tomer Mas­ter Records in order to meet oper­a­tional, com­pli­ance and cus­tomer sup­port objectives
  • Devel­oped a legal spend man­age­ment sys­tem that cen­tral­ized all billing data, an inher­ently valu­able ben­e­fit to our small client who lacked the inter­nal resources and processes to man­age invoices in dif­fer­ent forms and from dis­parate sources
  • Designed, devel­oped and exe­cuted an FCPA audit pro­gram to test for­eign dis­trib­u­tor prod­uct pric­ing as a poten­tial bribery vehi­cle, Vis a Vis con­trac­tual and pre­vail­ing regional prod­uct dis­counts; per­formed data min­ing and analy­sis and iden­ti­fied sta­tis­ti­cal anom­alies; fol­lowed up with for­eign offices to review doc­u­men­ta­tion and inves­ti­gated exceptions
  • After help­ing a $400 mil­lion med­ical device com­pany through its first year of Sarbanes-Oxley Sec­tion 404 com­pli­ance, we assumed more respon­si­bil­ity in sub­se­quent years as the only return­ing firm
  • Devel­oped and exe­cuted audit pro­gram for expense reports from mul­ti­ple sys­tems in order to eval­u­ate con­sis­tency with travel pol­icy; fol­lowed up with trav­el­ers regard­ing vio­la­tions and resolved issues; coor­di­nated repay­ments where applicable
  • Respon­si­ble for data min­ing, analy­sis and evi­dence of trans­ac­tions pur­suant to a client’s Cor­po­rate Integrity Agree­ment with the OIG; inves­ti­gated, clas­si­fied and reported trans­ac­tions in the required for­mat, and re-engineered the report­ing process through automa­tion by work­ing with a cross-functional team; advised In-House Coun­sel on reme­di­a­tion and prevention